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The Reluctant Technophile

When I was younger I embraced technology!  I made the transition from cassette tapes to CDs rather smoothly and when I was introduced to email in 1990, I immediately hopped on board and started filling my friends in-boxes with pointless drivel.

Then I graduated from University and held a degree declaring me “educated”.  I was a finished product knowing all I needed to know to enter the real world and be successful.  I unconsciously accepted the idea that I was done and with that acceptance, I took a giant stride towards old age.  No new tricks for this old dog!  When cell phones and pagers became affordable to the masses, I rejected the notion that I would ever need one.  I had an answering machine at home instructing people to leave a message.  This was all I would ever need.

Eventually, I had to come to terms with the fact that being unavailable was not OK in my line of work so I walked into the phone store with my tail between my legs and bought my first phone.  The story was much the same when text messaging popped up.  Why would any one go through all the trouble of typing on a number keypad when they could just call?  Years later I mashed my first message into my cell with clumsy thumbs and joined the world of texting fools.

A student of mine drug me kicking and screaming into the Facebook world after months of refusing to join.  She offered to be my “Facebook manager” and for several months did all of my Facebook business for me and built up my network of friends.  Now, I am an avid user who wonders how we ever really knew anyone before we could snoop around on their profile!

So that brings me to this day.  I have faithfully and predictably been resisting the latest trends in technology and communications.  I still do not get twitter and this whole blog thing seems a little overwhelming, but today I take the leap.  This is my first blog and I have even set up a twitter account.

I expect that I will come to find these new ways of communicating just as useful and fun as texting and Facebook but that does not mean I have to be happy about it.