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Lies We Tell Children Part 1

I am using this Blog as practice for a second Blog which I will be posting in the coming weeks with Todd Lile.  We will be blogging about our book, sharing insights, thoughts, and ideas related to the book, for those of you interested in following along.  This Blog will contain other ideas that go through my head.  Like this one.

There are a number of lies we adults tell children.  I will write about them one at a time.  The first lie is perhaps the most dangerous.  It is a staple of the motivational speaker diet.  Parents, teachers, celebrities, and athletes all know and spread this lie.  It goes something like this:

“If you have a dream and believe in yourself and never give up, then you can do anything!”

Really?  Seriously?  Is this a healthy message?  What if my dream when I was young, was to one day win the NBA Slam Dunk competition?  I knew it was possible because I heard the winner being interviewed.  He looked straight into the camera told the whole world the famous lie about this being his dream and he encouraged little kids like me to do the same.  So maybe  I believed in myself.  Maybe I trained everyday.  Maybe I learned how to dribble with my left hand!  Wait a minute….  My mom is 5’2″ and my Father is 5’6″.  Maybe the cards were stacked against me. But if I could just believe…….  But if I just never gave up……..

Is it possible this lie does more harm than good?  If “anything is possible” if we “never give up” then when we fail to achieve whatever dream (like me getting to play in the NBA let alone winning the slam dunk contest) then it is not because we lack the physical or genetic gifts, or what ever ingredients necessary.  It is because we lack the strength of character to follow our dream.  It must be because we gave up.

Is this really what we want to tell our children?   More on this in Part 2

9 Random People

Yesterday I wrote my first blog about how I started blogging.  How original.  Today I will write what I have learned about blogging in the last 24 hours.  Again very original.

I have taken about 4 video tutorials on blogging and read probably 15 different Blogs about how to do blogs.  Time well spent?  Well ……….. when I looked at my stats for the day yesterday, I noticed that 11 people had found my blog and 3 visited the about the author page!

I know one of these people was my mother and another was a new friend I met yesterday at the climbing gym.  That leaves 9 mystery people that somehow managed to surf across my words.  With a response like that, how can I deny that all this time has been worth the investment?

With all this momentum building behind me, I think it is time to start writing about what really interests me.  Hopefully some of what fires me up, will speak to the 9 random people a day who I expect to continue getting.  Maybe together we will discover the meaning of life, how to fix the world by fixing eduction, how “what you are like” is just as important as “what you know” and “what you can do”.  Maybe we will learn about the nature of success, the nature of our selves, and maybe even share a laugh or two.

So to my mother, my new climbing friend, and my 9 faceless yet avid readers;  Thank you for making day one such a smashing success!  To the new friends about to join, welcome to the adventure!

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