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Dodgeball 7s and World Peace

Dodgeball 7’s was an idea for an afternoon of fun sponsored by the Dubai American Academy Senate.

The primary purpose for this event was to bring a smile to every face in the school.  I think it worked!


The Girls are the dodgeball players.  Each grade (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) entered two teams coached by Boys.  The teams each had an entrance to the dodgeball arena designed to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.  As you will see the Freshmen and Sophomores did not scare anyone, but I still have nightmares about the Junior and Senior entrance!

Speaking of nightmares, the Junior cheer leading routine will give anyone bad dreams, so watch at your own risk!  Did I mention cheer leading?  Each grade also got to compete in a cheer leading competition, but all the cheerleaders were Boys coached by the Girls.  Good fun!

We also had live commentators, a sideline reporter, and lots of other surprises!

All teams had 3 days to practice.

World Peace?

What you are about to see is teenagers from around the globe, working together as best friends and having a blast!  There are no less than 40 nationalities represented in these players and cheerleaders.  If these are the future leaders of the world, maybe there is room for optimism…

Enjoy the Video!


What Life Is About (Weekly Inspiration #17)

Has it already been another week?  Crazy!  In case you have been wondering what life is all about, I dug up one of the first weekly inspirations I ever used in one of my classes.  It is targeted for high school aged people but I think every point made applies to us adults as well!

What Life is About

Life isn’t about keeping score. 
It’s not about how many friends you have 
Or how accepted you are. 
Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you’re alone.

It isn’t about who you have kissed, 
It isn’t about who your family is or 
how much money they have 
Or what kind of car you drive. 

Or where you are sent to school.

It’s not about how beautiful or ugly you are. 
Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have on, 
Or what kind of music you listen to.

It’s not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown, 
Or if your skin is too light or too dark. 
Not about what grades you get how smart you are, how smart 
everybody else thinks you are, or how smart 
standardized tests say you are.

Life just isn’t. 

Life is about who you love and who you hurt.

It’s about who you make happy or unhappy purposely. 
It’s about keeping or betraying trust. 
It’s about friendship, used as a sanctity or as a weapon. 

It’s about what you say and mean, maybe hurtful, maybe heartening.

It’s about starting rumors and contributing to petty gossip. 
It’s about what judgments you pass and why. 
And who your judgments are spread to.

It’s about who you’ve ignored with full control and intention. 
It’s about jealousy, fear, ignorance, and revenge. 
It’s about carrying inner hate and love, 
letting it grow and spreading it.

But most of all, it’s about using your life to touch or poison 
other people’s hearts in such a way that could have 
never occurred alone.

Only you choose the way those hearts are affected, and those 
choices are what life’s all about.

Every time I read this it helps get my priorities in order.  Enjoy the week!

Re-thinking Critical Thinking

Yesterday I was reading comments posted online about a news paper article.  It was amazing to see how negative people were.  Not just to the author but to the other people making comments.  They were vicious and nasty and insulting. Continue reading

Scary Questions

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The Time Of Our Lives

I have always been fascinated with the concept of time.  The amount of time we spend doing odd things adds up to be a pretty impressive sum over the years.  The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to one of my senior classes a few years ago.  Do you have time to read it?

Here is a list that I came up with, about the amount of time you will spend doing certain activities by the time you graduate: For example, sleeping.  If one sleeps 8 hours a day, that is 2,920 hours a year or 121.6 days.  By the time you graduate you will have slept 52,560 hours or 2190 days for exactly 6 years of your life.
I think about that one a lot but what about other activities that we take for granted like say brushing your teeth?  If the average person brushes his/her teeth twice a day for an average of 2:30 each time, that makes 5 minutes a day.  Times 365 days that is 1825 minutes a year, or 30.42 hours.  So by the times you graduate from high school you will have spent over 540 hours or 22.8 days of your life just brushing your teeth.
Why do we need to brush so much?  Because we spend an incredible amount of time eating and getting them dirty!  Let’s break it down:  If we only consider the actual time you spend chewing swallowing and drinking and discount the time spent in conversation and waiting for desert, we could safely assume that the average person spends 8 minutes eating breakfast, and 12 minutes eating lunch and dinner.  This ends up being 32 minutes a day in the act if refueling your body.  Over the span of a year, that is 11,680 minutes or 194.7 hours.  Therefore by the time you graduate, you will have spent 3,504 hours eating or 146 days of your life chewing and swallowing.
All this eating and drinking of course leads to other activities; namely peeing and……well….you know.
If we assume that the average person pees, on average, six times a day for an average of 45 seconds each time, then each year we are in the process of emptying our bladders for approximately 1,642 minutes or 27.3 hours a year.  By the time you graduate, you will have spent over 492 hours or just over 20 and a half entire days of your life doing nothing more than returning fluids to the earth to be recycled, consumed, and peed out again.”

Make you think doesn’t it?