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Re-thinking Critical Thinking

Yesterday I was reading comments posted online about a news paper article.  It was amazing to see how negative people were.  Not just to the author but to the other people making comments.  They were vicious and nasty and insulting. Continue reading


The Streaker Inside

In my post “An Unusual Bucket List”  I listed some things that I would like to do but never will.  I have more on my list than I wrote about in that post, so I decided to reveal another one now.

I have always marveled at the slightly overweight, slightly hairy, middle-aged man, who decides to strip down to the suit he was born in, and go sprinting across the field at a big sporting event.  He bobs, weaves, and waves to the crowd before finally being run down by an equally overweight but fully dressed security guard.

I have no idea why this sounds like fun to me.  I can only imagine the adrenalin and nerves as the anticipation builds, but I don’t think people do this for the adrenalin.  The true adrenalin junkies are busy jumping off buildings or surfing 30 foot waves.  The streaker does it for different reasons.  He is an entertainer.  He does it for the thrill of thrilling the crowd!  Sure the TV might not be able to show it, but the crowd lucky enough to be at the event, love it!  Streakers have performed at football, hockey, basketball, and soccer games.  They have brought their magic to the world of golf, tennis, and even billiards.  They have even been known to be “best in show” at dog shows!

It is too bad we have to arrest the streakers.  They are just doing their part to give the ticket holders value for their money.  Think about it.  If you were at sporting event and a naked homely man was running across the field, court, or ice, wouldn’t it bring a smile to your face?  Wouldn’t it give you a good story to share with your friends who didn’t get to go to the game?  How can these people be criminals when they are spreading so much joy?

Yes I know that sometimes streakers are female, but I don’t think they are as good because many people in the crowd actually want to see her naked.  A high quality streaker is a man who no one wants to see naked, but for some reason they can’t look away.

OK so I don’t really want to be a streaker.  I don’t have the physique or intrinsic desire to entertain at that level.  I just wanted a reason to include this picture in my blog!

Scary Questions

My colleague Todd Lile and I have started a new Blog at I wrote the following post for that blog but thought it fit well here too.  Check out our other blog and sign up for an email subscription.  That blog should get pretty good in the near future.  Here is the post: Continue reading

Kids and Guns

At the risk of being controversial, I want to talk a little about hand guns.  There is a lot in the news right now about the right to carry guns openly in coffee shops like Starbucks and even on college campuses.  Recently, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that the University of Colorado did not have the authority to ban students and visitors from carrying guns onto the campus.  What?

I spent some time reading up on some statistics for gun related violence in the United States.  What I read shocked me.  Some gun advocates make the claim that “guns don’t kill people but people kill people”.  I agree with that 100%.  People do kill people but who makes guns?  People.  So a gun just sits there waiting to do what it is made to do (hurt and kill).  Without a person it will do nothing.  However just the fact the gun is there, makes it more likely something will happen.  The Center for Disease Control reports that in 2000, there were 23,237 accidental shootings in America.  What?

Being a teacher I am interested in kids.  The numbers on kids and guns are even more scary!  The CDC reports that in 2006 3,184 children were killed by guns, while another 17,451 were shot with non fatal wounds.  Less than 3000 people died in the 9/11 attacks in 2001.  How much money, time and resources  have we spent trying to make our country, airports, and the rest of the world safe from other attacks like these?  Ask yourself which is more dangerous: an airline passenger with a container holding more than 3.5 ounces of liquid, or a gun in the hands of a child?  Which one of these do we spend more money on?  What?

Peggy Patten did some frightening research on children and guns and found that even after a week of intense education about guns, safety, and prevention 65% of children left alone to play in a room with a hidden gun, picked it up, played with it, pulled the trigger, looked down the barrel, etc. Unfortunately in real life, kids occasionally find real guns.  When they hurt themselves we can say it was not the gun but the child at fault.  But both the gun and the child were doing what they are meant to do.  A child explores.  A gun wounds or kills.

People make guns.  People make kids.  People make rules and laws that given them rights.  People make rules and laws to protect the members of their group or society.  People disagree about these rules and laws and make rationalizations for keeping these rules and laws even when they endanger, rather than protect, members of their group or society.  Guns do not kill people.  People kill people.  People make guns.    What?

Many Americans have died  protecting our rights and personal freedoms.  When an individual sacrifices his or her life in defense of these rights, we call that person a hero.    The Constitution gives us the right to carry guns and maybe this is a right worth fighting and even dying for.  But is it so important that we are willing to accept the steep price of innocent dead?  Is this individual right more important than the general welfare of the community?  Are we willing to say that the children, who die at the wrong end of a hand gun, are worth sacrificing to protect our individual freedom?  Does this make them heroes?  What?