Thailand in a Bag

If you missed Vietnam on a Stick or Life on a Stick Part 2, then this might not make a whole lot of sense.  But it is amazing how when you start to look for something, you start to see it everywhere!  It started in Vietnam when I  noticed just how much stuff you can get on a stick.  It seemed everywhere I looked I saw something else on a stick.

Back in Thailand, I decided to see how much stuff I could find in a bag.  Once again I was not disappointed.  Here are just a few samples of what you can get in Thailand in a Bag!

Big Fish in a Bag

Little Fish in a Bag

Bicycle Seat in a Bag

Tweety in a Bag

Pooh in a Bag

Bike Luggage in a Bag

Trash in a Bag

On a Stick and In a Bag

In a Bag and On a Stick

Natures Viagra in a Bag

Potential Warts in a Bag

Honey in a Bag

Tim in a Bag

Toast in a Bag

Mystery Meat in a Bag

I might be Sick in a Bag

Complete Meal in a Bag

Pepsi in a Bag

All of this reminds me of when I was teaching in Honduras and some students were comparing their stomachs to see who had the better six pack.  A rather chubby student entered the conversation.  He lifted up his shirt and jiggled around is belly and claimed, “I have a six pack!……….In a bag!”

    • Lui S.
    • April 27th, 2010

    yey! pepsi (or whatever drink) in a bag.. thats how we do it here… its the best, so much better than in a bottle or cup :oD way more fun

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