Vietnam On A Stick

It is amazing just how many foods and other items people can put on a stick!  The following photo blog depicts just a few of the interesting items I found on sticks in the last few days.   Once I started looking it seemed everywhere I looked, I saw more stuff on a stick!  I found this to be so much fun, I am considering another photo blog titled “Thailand in a Bag”.

Flavored ice on a stick

Smell on a stick

Squid on a stick

Egg on a stick

Communism on a stick

Shade on a stick

Fish on a stick

Potato on a stick  (This was delicious!!!)

Fire on a stick

Old lady on a stick

Bridge on a stick

Air Conditioning on a stick

Fruit on a stick

Power on a stick

Inflation on a stick

This is less than half of my “On a stick” collection but you probably get the point.  Look around today and notice just how much stuff we put on sticks!

    • Georgia Tsakonas-Black
    • April 7th, 2010

    Hi Tim,

    I just wanted to say I love reading your blogs. They are frequently entertaining and/or thought provoking if not both.

    Keep them coming my friend.

    Georgia 🙂

    • Thanks Miss Georgia! You are too kind! I will try to keep posting when I can. I hope you and your family are doing well!

    • 365foods
    • April 7th, 2010

    Great pictures, Tim! We love food on a stick too!


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