Strange Thailand Experience #1

Lots of people I know like to eat fish.  I do not like to eat fish but today I discovered I like to be eaten by fish!

This morning my brother took us to one of the larger Bangkok markets where we meandered through narrow corridors and crowded stalls.  We saw lots of sights, and smelled lots of smells.  We tasted a few tastes, and sampled a few samples.  Nothing too out of the ordinary for a large market filled to capacity with the art of the artisans and the merchandise of the merchants.  Little did I know that smack dab in the middle of all the textiles, t-Shirts, and unnecessary plastic objects, was an unusual experience waiting to happen.

We passed by a stall with two blue tubs and a large sign advertising “Fish Massage”.  Now this is something I have not seen before!  We investigated further and found  that for 150 Bot (About 4 dollars) you can stick your feet in these tubs and a swarm of little fish will cover your feet and nibble away all the dead skin.  That was enough to convince my mother and I that this would be money well spent!

The sensation was like no other I’ve had before.  It felt almost like a low level electrical current or slight vibration was covering my feet and toes as these little fish greedily scoured them clean.  I giggled a few times when they got between my toes, but for the most part it was a pleasant experience.  Supposedly this treatment is good for circulation, psoriasis, and the healing of scars, but I don’t care about any of these things.  I just thought it felt good!

Perhaps my favorite part of traveling is eating.  This is why this is my third trip to Thailand.  I intend to eat Thai food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, until I start to sweat chili paste!  What I did not count on was being a meal myself.

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