Who Likes To Sleep?

Tomorrow I am leaving with my family for Thailand.  My brother lives in Bangkok and we have not seen him in over a year.  Our plan is to spend a few days getting over jet lag, and then we will head over to Vietnam for a couple weeks, and then back to Thailand.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing my brother and eating Thai food three times a day, what I am most excited about at the moment is the jet lag!

For some reason I have always enjoyed the process of adapting to the day night cycle of a distant time zone.  It is so cool how my body wants to sleep at 3:00 in the afternoon, but at 3:00 in the morning I am wide awake!  Slowly over the course of a few days I want to sleep less in the afternoon, and start sleeping more at night.  The ride is over, and I have to go back to my normal, less interesting, routine.

I know that might sound odd to some people but here is why I like jet lag.  When I am wide awake in the middle of the night, I get to do whatever I want.  I embrace the jet lag for all it is worth!  I like to read books, go for a moonlit run, watch a movie, maybe write a blog, play the guitar, or even cook breakfast to be eaten when the rest of the world wakes up.  It makes me wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have to sleep.

If I had an extra 7 hours or so tagged onto every day that would be an extra 52 days a year to live!  What could I do with an extra 52 days?  Maybe I could learn to speak Russian.  Maybe I could learn to play the piano.  Maybe I could get another part time job as a video game tester and make extra cash.  Maybe I could build my own house.  Maybe I could invent a new color and paint a mural or try my hand at sculpture.  The possibilities are endless and jet lag offers me a brief glimpse of what life without sleep would be like.

I know there are a lot of sleep lovers out there, so lets put it to a vote.  Write a comment to this blog or email me your opinion on sleep.  Would you give it up if you could or do you enjoy your hours of slumber too much?  I will tally the votes and let you know who wins.

    • Anonymous
    • March 17th, 2010

    as someone who would love to sleep but cant, i couldnt possible vote, but i hope you have a fantastic trip! hope the reds are gone by the time you get there and have a fab time in vietnam, i hear it is fantastic!


    • The red shirts are making things interesting but other than some noise and closed streets and shopping centers, no problems.

    • Lui S.
    • March 18th, 2010

    alright, so I actually think about this a LOT (maybe more than what would be considered “normal”) but yes… If someone told me tomorrow that I could chose to never have to sleep again and I wouldnt feel exhausted form the lack of sleep I would def. say yes! Like you, I imagine how much I would be able to do if I didnt have to sleep. In fact I am most productive starting at maybe midnight.. so I try to go for as long as I can. There is so much I wanna do but there is no time for it!!!

    However, when i return to reality and remember that I feel really tired when I dont sleep… and the fact that I havent had a good sleeping pattern in the past 5 years (sleeping enough hours and at around the same time) makes me appreciate the fact that with this new evening job I get to go to sleep super late and wake up super late so that I can get my 8 hours and feel rested for the next day. Also, waking up to an alarm and finding out you get to go back to go back to sleep for as long as you want is is the best feeling ever!!!

    • Anonymous
    • March 18th, 2010

    I have always found my self trying to minimize the number of hours i sleep, so that i can accomplish as much as i can in a day.

    I would assume that most people would agree that when one goes to bed, they hope the hours of the night go by slowly. Often, it feels like the second we fall asleep, the alarm wakes you up. Hours go by in what feels like seconds. Why let time go by so fast without accomplishing something. Life is too short to be sleeping the number of hours many people do.

    • me
    • March 18th, 2010

    A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Death will occur about 10 days without sleep, while starvation takes a few weeks.

    • alejandra funes
    • March 18th, 2010

    Put me down on the sleep lovers side!!!

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