Starving For Good News (Part 1)

I was flipping through the local news paper this morning and as usual, it was full of news that in largely negative.  Here are a few headlines from the Front Page of today’s  Denver Post :

  • “Unguarded from neglect”  (about a guardian taking advantage of a person)
  • “Culture Clash”  (Murder Trial of former pro football payer)
  • “Warnings to close outposts unheaded” (criticisms of military policy)
  • “Operation slow and dangerous” (More coverage of war)
  • “Political general Haig Dies”
  • “Ohno’s bronze a record” (US speed skater wins 7th Olympic Medal)

Thank goodness for the Olympics to give is a little good news!

The question in my mind is,  “Why are news papers and other news media constantly bombarding us with bad or negative news?”  If the news has a broad impact, beyond the people directly involved, then I get it.  The economy, natural and man made disasters, or exposing the underhanded dealings of a company, all might have a purpose beyond just being interesting.  But Tiger Woods cheating on his wife?  Please!  This is not news!  But our news media believes it will sell papers and magazines (and it does) so it makes it in the news day after day!

But is bad news the only thing that will sell papers?  If the news reported something good would we  still read it?  I say yes!  I think we are starving for good news!  We are so used to hearing, seeing, and reading the bad that when we do get a morsel of good news we are drawn to it like starving wolves.

I offer two pieces of evidence in video form.  Before reading any further click on the two youtube videos below.  Even if you have already seen both of them more than five times, I am willing to bet that once you are halfway through you will not want to stop until you reach the end.

Susan Boyle

Free Hugs

Susan Boyle had this break out performance 10 months ago.  Since then this video has had 88 million hits and other posts of the same thing are in the 30 million view range.  Compare that to the 97 million people who watched the Superbowl in 2009!

The Free Hugs Video has over 56 million hits!  It has also spawned a world wide copycat campaign.  I even saw a guy right here in Fort Collins with a sign just a couple months ago.

Why are people so drawn to these types of videos and this type of news?  The better question is,  “If people are so drawn to it, why aren’t the media scouring the globe for more news of this kind?”   Instead they chase the next celebrity scandal or other meaningless “news”.  Sure that news sells magazines and papers, but so does good news.  We just aren’t looking for it as hard or making as big a deal of it.

I don’t know about you, but if my local paper had a section called “Good News”  I would read it every single day!

More on this in part 2

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